Nothing says summer like visiting one of your local food trucks on a nice day and ordering some delicious food. Also, let’s be real, who doesn’t love some fresh cut fries? Renfrew is home to four tasty food trucks that everyone needs to try.


Tami’s Taters


Tami’s Taters is one of Renfrew’s top locations for fries. Whether you are craving poutine, chicken fingers, fried pickles, or pulled pork, Tami’s has it all. With affordable prices and friendly service, this place is definitely a must visit. The fry stand is located on O’Brien Road in the Canadian Tire parking lot. See their Facebook page here.



Family Fry Shack


Family Fry Shack is another must visit fry stand in Renfrew. They are famous for their delicious fresh fries. Stop by on Stewart Street to try for yourself! You can also order other foods such as hamburgers, hotdogs and sausages to eat with your fries or poutine. Even better, stop by on Wednesdays for $5 poutine or on Tuesdays for $2 fries, hotdogs and pogos. More information can be found on their Facebook page.



Food Express


Food Express is a very unique food truck in Renfrew. Not only do they serve the typical hamburgers, fries and hotdogs, but they also offer a variety of Asian foods. Visit the food truck on Argyle Street South to try out their spring rolls, pad thai, pad sew, vermicelli, and more! Food Express is one of those places you cannot miss, as they have a large menu of delicious foods and friendly service. There is something for everyone at this location. Their full menu can be seen on their Facebook page.



Odi’s Kingburger

For those who crave the fresh fries and delicious burgers that food trucks have to offer, Odi’s is a great option. Unlike other food trucks, Odi’s is open year round, so their food can be enjoyed at any time. There is a window where you can walk up and place your order, or you can use the drive thru. Also located on Stewart Street, Odi’s is a great part of our community and definitely a place worth trying. They also offer specials everyday of the week, which can be seen on their Facebook page.




Written by Makenna Moran
Marketing and Communications Student, Town of Renfrew