The Town of Renfrew appreciates everyone following the rules issued from the province-wide lockdown. However, the lockdown does not mean that we cannot still have fun in alternate ways.


We are lucky to live in a town surrounded by nature. This creates many fun and safe winter activities for us to enjoy. For our community members that are looking for a place to do these activities, we have a few ideas:


Tobogganing Down Ma-te-Way Hill


Grab a sled, a snowsuit, and the members in your household and get ready for hours of fun sliding down one of the biggest tobogganing hills in town. Anyone, young or old, can have fun tobogganing!

To respect social distancing, if the Ma-te-Way tobogganing hill is at or nearing the posted safe user limit, please check out the alternate sliding hills at some of our other local parks, such as Fortington Park on 280 Jordan Avenue or McConnell Park on 224 Patrick Avenue.


Ma-te-Way Tobogganing Hill

Ma-te-Way Tobogganing Hill. Photo Creds- Renfrew Parks & Recreation


Snow Shoeing or Cross Country Skiing on the Millennium Trail, Algonquin Trail, and/or Ma-te-Way Fitness Trail


There are three breathtaking trails that run throughout Renfrew: The Algonquin Trail, the Millennium Trail and the Ma-te-Way Fitness Trail. Grab a pair of skis or snowshoes for a scenic trek through our town. These trails are also great for walking and sightseeing and offer many great wintery photo opportunities.


Child walking on the Ma-te-Way Fitness Trail in the winter.

Ma-te-Way Fitness Trail. Photo Creds- Julie-Anne Blondin.


Skating on the Ma-te-Way Skating Oval


If you are a fan of figure skating, hockey, ringette, ice skating, or are interested in trying a new hobby, grab your skates and head over to the Ma-te-Way Skating Oval. Try out some new tricks, get some exercise or just have a leisure skate. There are various activities to enjoy at the ODR!


With respect to social distancing rules, please decide to visit the skating oval on another occasion if it appears to be at or near the posted safe user limit of 50 people.


Ma-te-Way Outdoor Rink/Skating Oval on the running track.

Ma-te-Way Outdoor Rink. Photo Creds- Renfrew Parks & Recreation


Outdoor Skating Oval Guidelines. Hours of operation are 9:00am-9:00pm. A maximum of 50 people on the outdoor skating oval at any given time. Maintain a physical distance of at lease 6 feet while skating. Masks are recommended and required if physical distancing can't be met. No pucks and sticks on the outdoor skating oval at anytime. Ice resurfacing will take place at 1:00pm and 5:00pm or as required.

Ma-te-Way Skating Oval Rules



For those of you who aren’t a fan of the cold weather or would like new ideas for at-home activities, try some of these:


Ordering Take Out From a Local Restaurant or Pizza Parlour


Ordering take out not only supports our local restaurant owners, but it also supports our cravings.

You can make ordering take out even more fun by creating themed meals. Some ideas include having a game night while sampling different appetizers, drinking cocktails and enjoying desserts from a local restaurant, try a different type of ethnic food dish every time you order takeout (ex. Italian, Greek, Asian, Mexican), a Sunday brunch, only ordering sandwiches, or try to order from a different pizza parlour each time you order pizza.


Renting a Movie or Book From The Renfrew Public Library


Who doesn’t love curling up to enjoy a good book or movie? The Renfrew Public Library has many great movie and book options for our community members to rent. If you are interested, they are currently offering curbside pick up.

More information about virtual activities and curbside pick up can be found on their Facebook page.


The Renfrew Public Library's Curbside Pickup Hours. Tuesday, December 29th 11am-6pm. Wednesday, December 30th 10am-4pm. Thursday, December 31st 10am-1pm. Saturday, January 2nd 10am-3:30pm. Monday, January 4th 10am-5pm.

The Renfrew Public Library’s Curbside Pickup Hours


Playing Radio Bingo


Valley Heritage Radio and myFM offer radio bingo for members of our community.

Valley Heritage Radio hosts their radio bingo on Thursdays at 7 pm on 98.7 FM. There are three games every night where you could win up to $1000! Bingo cards can be purchased at the following Renfrew locations while in lockdown:

  • Dahl’s Convenience Store
  • Giant Tiger
  • Gourley’s Outdoors
  • O’Brien’s Variety
  • Renfrew Metro
  • CNIB Kiosk at Walmart
  • The Wing

The full list of locations that sell bingo cards and more information can be found here.


Valley Heritage Bingo Poster. It reads: "Great Prizes of $300, $500 or $1000. Bingo Phone-in Numbers 613-432-9873 or 888-532-9870. Three games every Thursday at 7pm. Cards available at over 30 locations.

Valley Heritage Radio Bingo Poster


Renfrew myFM hosts their radio bingo on Wednesdays at 7 pm on 96.1 myFM. myFM’s radio bingo is a fundraiser for the Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre. There are four games every Wednesday evening where you could win $200 – $1000! Bingo cards can be purchased at the following Renfrew locations while in lockdown:

  • Gourley’s Outdoors
  • Dahl’s Convenience Store

The full list of locations selling bingo cards and more information can be seen here.


myFM Bingo Poster. Reads: "myFM Radio Bingo in support of Robbie Dean Family Counselling Centre".

myFM Radio Bingo Poster


Online Shopping From Your Favourite Local Businesses


Even though we just received gifts at Christmas, now is the perfect time to spend any money or gift certificates you may have received. Unfortunately, our local shops cannot be open to in-store shopping while we are in lockdown. Luckily, however, many of our stores and boutiques are offering curbside pickup or online shopping on their websites. Some of these locations are having special deals and sales during the lockdown.

Like and follow the pages of your favourite stores and boutiques to see updates about their offers!


A Sense of Country's 28 Days of Lock Down. Daily specials from January 2nd until January 30th 2021. Check in daily for the feature of the day. Free in town delivery and save curbside pickup.

A Sense of Country’s Lockdown Deals


Written By: Makenna Moran, Marketing & Communications Student for The Town of Renfrew