Haunted houses, trick or treating and costume parties are how most people celebrate Halloween. Halloween is coming quickly, and with so much changing day to day, at this time we can only recommend that you follow any and all guidelines provided by the RCDHU. We all miss the past experiences of these great holiday events, but the hope is that if we all work together they will soon be able to return to what we’ve always enjoyed. There are plenty of activities that can be done while practicing social distancing. In my opinion, all that you need for a fun Halloween are a good costume, treats, decorations and a fun activity. 
Keep reading to find out how you can make Halloween fun, pandemic style!



First, we need to find a costume. Thrift stores are some of the best places to find those staple items for your costume. Read this blog post to find out more information about the thrift stores in Renfrew: https://seeu.renfrew.ca/thrifting-in-renfrew/ 


Next, we need to stock up on treats. Local stores such as Dahl’s Convenience Store, J&J’s Chocolate Sensations, A Sense of Country, and Sweet Tooths have all of the sweets that one could need.
If you prefer candy, Dahl’s Convenience Store on 366 Stewart St. and Sweet Tooths on 166 Raglan St. S. are the places to go.


Dahl’s Convenience Store Halloween Treats


Sweet Tooths’ Interior


If chocolate is your favourite, check out J&J’s Chocolate Sensations on 204 Raglan St. S.


J&J’s Chocolate Sensations Halloween Themed Chocolate

If you love fun Halloween baskets, A Sense of Country on 169 Raglan St. S. has got you covered.


A Sense of Country’s Halloween Baskets


Normally kids would receive these treats while trick or treating, however, there are many alternatives. Instead of trick or treating, have a candy scavenger hunt. You could hide clues around your house that lead to a candy jackpot. Another idea would be to hide treats around your house like an easter egg hunt. You could even put these treats in glow in the dark plastic eggs to make the hunt extra spooky. There are many ways to enjoy Halloween sweets while staying at home!



Now, it is time to get some scary decorations. Instead of going to a haunted house, create one in your own home! To make the decorations even more fun, you can craft your own. Craft supplies for your DIY decorations can be found at The Warehouse and Pennyrama, both located in downtown Renfrew. Here are some ideas for fun and easy Halloween decorations from Pinterest:


Trash Bag Spider Webs


Creepy Face


Chandelier Bats


Giant Spiders


Hanging Ghosts


Stuffed Gloves Mimiking Zombie Hands

Another fun activity includes a Halloween neighbourhood scavenger hunt. Your family can walk, drive or bike around Renfrew searching for the Halloween decorations featured on the list below.  To turn this into a competition, challenge your friends and see who can find all of the items on the list first!


Even though your regular Halloween activities may be cancelled, Halloween itself is not. If these ideas do not interest you, try baking some Halloween themed foods, having a scary movie marathon, or organize a costume party or competition over Zoom. There are plenty of ways to still make Halloween fun while social distancing. 



Written by Makenna Moran
Marketing and Communications Student for the Town of Renfrew