Shopping at thrift stores not only helps the environment, but also helps our community. Many of the thrift stores in Renfrew give back to different charities in the area. In addition, thrift stores save old clothes and household items from being thrown out. There is always a good variety of clothing and treasures to choose from at these locations, you never know what you might find!


The Helping Hands Thrift Store

The Helping Hands Thrift Store, located on King St., is a great place to find some affordable items. They operate by accepting donations of clothing, furniture and miscellaneous household items. The money is then donated back to the community. Stop by for clothing, knickknacks, jewellery and more at a low price! Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Valley Thrift

Valley Thrift in downtown Renfrew is a store that gives back to the community. A portion of sales is donated to Arnprior/McNab-Braeside Seniors At Home. Make sure to donate items or shop to support seniors in our area. More information can be found here.



On The Clothes Line

On The Clothes Line is another great thrift store in Renfrew. Each month On The Clothesline Thrift Store supports a new non-profit charity in the town of Renfrew. By supporting this store, you are also supporting different charities in our community. If you are interested in seeing more, stop by the shop on the Main Street or join their group on Facebook.


TSA Thrift Shop

TSA Thrift Shop is located on 291 Plaunt St., inside Trinity St. Andrew’s United Church. This thrift shop offers excellent quality, low cost clothing and household goods to the community. There is a great atmosphere here that makes everyone feels welcome. Visit their website for more details.



In Style Consignment

In Style is the perfect place to score affordable fashion. In addition, members of the community can sell some of their unwanted clothing items to the store. These items will then be resold for someone else to enjoy. You can find out more information by visiting them on Arthur Ave W., or by visiting their Facebook.


The Renfrew Flea Market

The Renfrew Flea Market is located at the end of Renfrew Ave. W. on 220 Carswell St. It is open Saturday and Sunday from 9 am – 4 pm all year round. Stop in to find some cool treasures. Join their Facebook group to learn more.



Written by Makenna Moran
Marketing & Communications Student for the Town of Renfrew